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Writing for Ray Wenderlich! 🙌

I'm now a contributing author for Ray Wenderlich!

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Living in an Objective-C World: Porting an Objective-C Codebase to Swift

It's no secret that Swift is the future of iOS development. However, there is much legacy code still written in Objective-C, including Cocoa Foundation itself. Understanding Objective-C and its interoperability with Swift is essential to being an effective, well-rounded Cocoa developer.

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Choosing Expressiveness

"The goal in writing code should not be to reduce the # of lines but to reduce the time needed to read it."

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A Retrospective on Try! Swift NYC 2016
nickCommunity, Swift, Conferences
Unit Testing ... Where to Start?

How is a unit of work is defined, and where and how should we add tests to an existing codebase?

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